Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sleep Study

My husband is having some breathing problems. I will give more details when we know results. But for now I want to make you giggle.
The lady told my husband that his wife can pick up the pulsox so he does not have to take off. I was a little annoyed because it was like she assumed I did not work. So I show up to pick up the machine. They made a big deal about needing to have an appointment to pick up the machine so they could explain how to use it. I arrived and they said the nurse would call me back shortly. A few minutes later she walked out holding a white paper bag and said here you go with an instruction sheet. She made a point of writing his name on the front of the bag.
When we got home we read the directions.
1. Take machine out of bag
2. Lay down in bed
3. Hook to index finger

I cracked up. He was able to sleep well with it on. He did find out later that his oxygen level dropped to 82% several times during the night.
He will have a sleep study next Thursday; he will see a pulmonologist and cardiologist next Wednesday. After all of this we will know more. I just think it was funny how serious they made this simple machine sound.
Have you had a sleep study, do you have any advice for my husband?


Leslie Jackson said...

I have had two sleep studies done. I have Sleep Apnea. Be sure that you are TIRED when you go. They will have you hooked up on every machine they can get in the room with you. Then if you need to have the CPAP machine attached (for breathing) they will wake you up and put that on. Once that is on, it's hard to sleep. My BIGGEST piece of advice......take the following day off work! You will need it to get some sleep! lol

Tammyrummage said...

Jim has slept with a CPAP machine to prevent the dangerous drops in oxygen levels for about 17 years now. I once had a sleep study and it turned out I was not having any real interruptions in my breathing. All in all, the machine has made him feel tons better, he never wants to try to sleep without it, even though it make him look like something from outer space. lol Blessings to you all. Pray it works out well.

Bella StormyAries said...

They never gave Rick a pulsox he just went in for an over night.

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