Tuesday, March 29, 2011

True Story Tuesday

I almost did not share this story because it makes me look like a terrible mom. So let me start by saying I love my son and have kissed many a million boo boo’s and still today give him a million hugs a day. Only instead of him laying his head on my shoulder I lay my head on his. That is a perk of having a 6 foot 2 son. But since I promised I would tell this story last week I thought I better tell you.
Okay, last week I told you about when he broke his foot. This week I want to tell you about when he broke his arm. We were at a Science museum. One we had been at a million times before. I was chit chatting with a friend and could see my kids when Michael came running to me screaming “Faith broke my arm, Faith broke my arm”. He was waving his arm around and screaming. He was so loud that employees came over. We set down in the cafĂ© area and were feeling out accident reports. I was sure his arm was not broken. He was setting in this HUGE magnet chair. You set and have someone push you. His sister was pushing him when somehow she hit his palm very hard. I really thought he was mad at his sister more than in pain. Again he was waving his arm around. About 5 minutes later a friend came in and asked what happened. I told her and said I think he just needs ice but we are going home. He told her his arm was broken and his sister did it. She took one look at him, not his arm and said “Pam, do you see the sweat on his face”. Of course I did but he was so mad at his sister. She said that means he was in pain. He had yet to say he was in pain. I quickly decided he needed to go to the hospital. I was driving my husband’s truck which is large and I am not use to driving. My husband was deployed and I occasionally drive his truck to keep it working. So I jump in the truck and off we go. Only I am confused as to how to get to the hospital. So of course we took the longest possible way there. I felt terrible for taking so long.
I will admit it was hard not to laugh at him on the way to the hospital. The entire way there he was screaming (I swear it did not sound like pain or I would have been in tears). He was screaming, Faith broke my arm, I cannot believe she broke my arm. Then he would say “Dear God, please help me and do not let my arm be broken.
We arrived at the hospital fifteen LONG minutes later. I signed in and sat down. Then decided he needed new ice. So I asked for ice and about 2 minutes later a nurse walked out with ice. She asked to look at his arm. When he unwrapped it you could see the lump on his arm. She said “Yep, it is broken” and took us right back. It was indeed broken. I felt so bad. He was in a cast for 8 weeks and was okay.
For the second time in a row I won the Mother of the year award.
Can I take a minute and tell you that this child is my joy. I love him so much and would never dream of letting him be in pain. I am the first one to admit when my children get hurt and take them to the doctor. Why in these cases I did not rush to do so is beyond me.
I cannot wait to read more of your True Stories this week.


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! We all have those moments of Mommy Guilt - even when we have no way of knowing something is "off". Sounds like he has quite a pain tolerance and it really did sound like he was more upset with his sis!

Poor kiddo - I know it's no fun to have a cast on your arm!

Thanks for linking up - your boy sounds like a keeper :)

This Lil Piglet said...

Poor guy; it probably was painful but with the adrenaline the worst part was probably his anger at his sis. Don't be too hard on yourself; sometimes a break is hard to tell. We all have the mommy guilt. :)

New follower from TST; hope you pop by for my red faced TST contribution at http://www.thislilpiglet.net/2011/03/interview-with-squeakers.html

Tiffharmon2001 said...

We've all done it. If your kids are anything like mine, it's hard to tell when something is seriously wrong and when they're just being overly dramatic. He'll have a great story to tell his kids on you someday. :)

Rachel said...

I completely wish my post was an April Fool's joke... unfortunately, it's not. Those stinky mophers, ha!

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