Saturday, March 26, 2011

Making Cupcakes

The girls are working on there cake decorating badge in Heritage Girls. Part of the requirement is you to make your own cupcakes. So I let Hope make cupcakes. She had helpers.
The first step is to gather your ingredients. My high school home ec teacher told us to always measure out first and to break eggs into a separate bowl. I am trying to encourage my girls to do this.

Then mix ingredients and put in pan, oops I forgot to take a picture.
Set the timer and hope that your stove is cleaner than my mom's when you take a picture.

While the cupcakes cook you get to lick everything clean.

Then arive at Heritage girls and decorate with as much icing as you can.


Julie the Army Wife said...

They look like they are having fun!

Christina said...

Now that sounds like fun and the cupcakes look yummy too. I have never heard of Heritage girls though.

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