Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pray for me Monday

Do you believe in prayer? I mean do you really know when you pray that there will be an answer? I do, I have full faith that when I ask he hears. When I ask for forgiveness he hears, when I ask for help he hears.
This week I would like to ask you to pray for the men in my life. They are in the mountains for 5 days of male bonding. The weather is not the best and there have been some glitches getting there. I ask that this be a trip to bond them together. To help them get to know one another. While they are gone I plan on spending time praying for them. I plan on being in my son’s room at 9pm on Tuesday night praying about some strong holds that has my son trapped in things I know he does not want to be involved. I ask you to join me in prayer on Tuesday night.
I ask you to pray for safety for my boys this week. It is cold and Michael’s allergies were already acting up this morning when I spoke to him. When they were in the mountains a few years ago they had a bear climb into the back of my husband’s truck looking for food.

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Annie said...

Pam, I will be praying and love that you have asked us to join with you. I have been a part of the Moms in Touch prayer ministry for 14 years praying for my boys. When women join together to pray, God moves! Can't wait to hear how He answers.

Schmitlin said...

I absolutely believe that the Lord hears and answers our prayers. I will be praying for your men and also for your son. I have a daughter that is 17 and another that is 14. They both are going through some rough things. I know that the enemy would love to destroy our children, but I have turned all our girls over to the Lord and He has yet to let me down. The enemy cannot cross the blood of Jesus and I have to stand on that. I have come over from the Pray for me Monday. May the Lord give you His peace as your men are bonding.

Tiffany @ HGF said...

Awwww honey. I am so sorry to hear about your boy. :( The devil HATES us and will throw his full arsenal in our path to keep us away from our Savior. He knows that if he gets us to destroy our witness we will not lead others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We're already out of his reach as children of God but he sure can make things hard on us- and he takes full advantage of it.
I will be praying for you and your boys. I am going to TRY SO HARD to be able to pray with you Tuesday night. What time zone are you in? E-mail me!! :)

trooppetrie said...

Eastern and I appriciate. WE serve a mighty God who heals out hearts and our minds

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