Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday 5

1. I am thankful for friends who are peaceful and have no drama in their life. I am thinking those same people encourage me and try to teach me how to have a peaceful attitude.
2. I am loved, no matter what, no matter who says otherwise I am loved. I serve a amazing God who loves me no matter what.
3. I think it is AWESOME that my husband encourages me to stay home with my babies and encourages me when I am down and ready to give up and run away. And when I really do need to run away he allows that too.
4. I am so LUCKY that I still have a mom that is alive and healthy. I do not take my families health for granted.
5. It was a SMART choice to by my husband the beast (grill) because that means several nights a week I will no longer be cooking. The heat stays out of my house and the cleanup is easy.


Nicole said...

GREAT list! I love that we have a grill...having a few nights off from the electric stove brings down electricity costs SO much! And I also love having friends with no drama...we left high school a long time ago, no need to still have drama in our lives! Thanks for linking up! <3

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