Sunday, March 6, 2011

No Mom talk Monday

So this week on NO MOM TALK and Miscellany Monday, I want to talk to you about some questions I have. Questions like why do hair stylist have cool hair designs and look like they style their hair daily, But nail salon employees do not have fancy nails. WEIRD! Why did my vet take my dog’s bowel and then charge us to dispose it? Why did I have to be charged for both? Why when we got new tires this week did they charge us for our new tires and for our old ones. I would think they would pay us for our old one. Why do we wear best clothes and whitest under garments to our yearly exam only to be told to get naked as soon as we get there? Most importantly how did my gerbil get detached from its head while still in its cage and should we get rid of the second gerbil? If I do get rid of the second gerbil, how do I do that? Why oh why? Please help me understand these things before I lose my mind. Okay, one more why question. Why does no one want to buy flowers from my girls? It is a great deal. Hint hint!
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Courtney K said...

LOL These questions made a lot of sense :) Especially the one about wearing your whitest and cleanest clothes to the doctor. Haha! Thanks so much for linking up to NO Mom Talk!

trooppetrie said...

I understand wearing white socks but the rest is a mystery to me. I say this but promise if i have to go to the DR it will be in really clean NEW clothing

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