Friday, March 4, 2011

How is God working in your life

How is God working in your life? I feel like he is constantly working in my life. First we are taking a parenting class in small group. When I told a friend she laughed and said why do you need a parenting class. Every week I learn something new. Last week we talked about not angering our children. I realize how I do this with my teen. For example last week I got very excited because my daughters were invited to a birthday party at Circle M ranch. I was told there were amazing picture opportunities. So instantly I told him he was going. He instantly told me he was not going. He would look stupid and be bored. I insisted he go and we argued. How silly was that. An hour later it dawned on me that he was right. There would be no one his age and nothing for him to do. I also know the reality is he would not want to dress up and have his picture taken. I am learning to apologize to him. He would have gone if I insisted because he really is a good child. But reality is I should have taken the time to listen to him sooner.
He is also working on me with our finances. It is a painful process that I want to fight. He has given us a wonderful opportunity to get out of a lot of our debt and I want to say NO I want that money for a trip.


Semper Wifey said...

Thanks for sharing! God shows himself and works in our lives in so many ways! Your blog is great, and I look forward to following you!

Amber said...

First, thanks for linking up.

Second, thanks for being honest about your parenting struggles

Third, thanks for doing something about it. We all struggle. The worst thing we can do is avoid changing, because we are to prideful or selfish.

froggylady said...

Thank you for linking up over at the Lily Pad!

I think we all can use little refreshers on how to keep our lives and family moving forward smoothly.

Roller Coaster said...

I think we could all use parenting classes! I think it's great that you're learning so much.

And I'm so glad you're still enjoying the roundup. You don't miss it do you?

Have a super weekend!

Marcella said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!
I feel there is always something new we can learn in life in ALL aspects, especially in marriage and parenting!

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