Monday, March 14, 2011

Pray for me Monday

Do you have a prayer request or praise this week. I have a few. First praise, the friends you prayed for who were having babies all are holding healthy babies.
Now a prayer request. We are making some changes in our house and in our life and it is hard. God is working and my prayer request is that we would be open to him even if it is things that are uncomfortable and scary. Please also pray that I handle myself with dignity and do not allow my emotions and mouth to get in the way.
My second prayer request is for a person who I love like she is my own daughter. I have spoken of her before. She needs in a drug rehab facility. She needs in now and it is not happening. Her mom is doing everything in her power but beds are limited and insurance and funding is limited. It is breaking my heart for her. She is an amazing young woman. Please pray that doors would be opened and she would get in some place quickly. I am worried it will take too long and she will no longer want therapy.
Please feel free to leave your prayer request in the comments. You can also link up with others on Home Grown Families.


Annie said...

Pam, I am praying for this young woman. God hears each prayer.

Tiffany @ HGF said...

Thanks for linking up! You are such a faithful follower each week.
I will be praying for you and your friend.

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