Friday, March 25, 2011

Mil Spouse fill in Friday

1. What is your must have gadget? submitted by Flying High With My Flyboy
My mixer, I love it and use it almost daily and most days a few times a day. And I guess if I admitt it I am kind of addicted to my cell phone.
2. How does your adulthood compare to what you imagined it would be like when you were a little kid? submitted by L to the Third
Pretty much the same. I dreamed of being a mommy and a teacher and being safe. I am a mommy of four and a homeschool teacher and I do feel safe.
3. What is your favorite chocolate recipe? submitted by Our First Deployment
A good chocolate chip cookie or a no bake cookie. Sometimes I just love a plain hershey candy bar.
4. How do you deal with military life when it gets to be to much or to hard? submitted by Combat Boots And Pointe Shoes
I talk to a friend, I stay busy or I do something for someone else.
5. What piece of advice would you give a new Military spouse facing their first deployment? submitted by The Albrecht Squad
write to your spouse daily even if you are just telling him you moved what where you store the toothpaste. Get involved with other military families. Make plans for what you will do on R&R and when he get’s home. Set goals for while he is gone and stick to them to help the time pass. And the best advice would be if your spouse does not say it do not believe it.



Christina said...

It's funny I said the same things to #1 only in reverse. I love my mixer and my cell phone. Both for different reasons.

I'm happy to hear your adulthood turned out just like your imagined, that's sweet.

I thought #5 was some really good advice that I will be using. Thanks so much. (I'm planning R&R now.

Pamela said...

"If your spouse does not say it, do not believe it" - excellent advice!

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