Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday 5

Today I am going to make 15 little girls very UPBEAT when I let them ice a giant cupcake and decorate it and then eat their own cupcakes.
I think it is FANTASTIC, that most of their mothers do not know my address and cannot attack me at midnight when their children are still bouncing off the wall.
Last week it was very THOUGHTFUL when my girls agreed to leave there decorated cake for the church staff.
I will feel ACCOMPLISHED after tonight because we will be done working on a cake decorating merit badge.
It was not a BRILLIANT idea to schedule a cake decorating class right before bedtime. But it was BRILLIANT to ask the girls to bring in their favorite toppings to decorate with.
Actually this carnival makes me feel very UPBEAT, because it lets me show you my BRILLIANT writing ability. That way you can see what a FANTASTIC person I am. I think it is very THOUGHTFUL of the young ladies who brought me cupcakes they had made last week to taste. I felt like I had ACCOMPLISHED the world after I ate them for breakfast the next morning.


Nicole said...

mmmm send some cupcakes my way!

Pamela said...

I love cake/cupcake decorating parties!

Tiffharmon2001 said...

Cupcake decorating with 15 little girls? You are a much more patient lady than I am! I bet they will have a blast.

Kokoszkafamily said...

Found you through Thursday 5- my hubbs is also an Army Warrant who flys Blackhawks... nice to meet you!

trooppetrie said...

I would love to read your blog but there is not a link

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