Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miscellany Monday

1. This week I cried while watching Army Wives, I always do but this week I blogged about it.
2. I love to shop at Thrift shops. There is an amazing one about 45 minutes from my house. Last week I got 25 items for $2.39 or less. I got four beautiful dresses for my girls. I also found lots of long skirts for one daughter and Capri’s for another.
3. My boys are in the mountains right now. They are fishing for trout. I have to say that I am slightly worried about them because the last time they did this they encountered a bear. As in it climbed up in the back of my husband’s truck.
4. I am taking my girls to the zoo this week. It has been beautiful until this week. So I thought it would be fun to go before it gets hot.
5. My husband had his sleep study test last week and flunked. He will go back next week to have a machine calibrated for him. He is not happy about it.
6. Friday night I took the girls to see beauty and the beast. It was done by a Christian drama group. It was amazing. It spoke on how we let anger grow in us. It made me wonder what hatred and anger I have inside of me.

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