Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Mom talk Monday

Last week I had a hard time talking about myself. This week it came to me pretty easily. I want to tell you about all the things I have done in my life.
When I was in sixth grade I played cello and was a safety patrol. I carried my cello home from school. I sometimes miss playing it.
When I was in seventh grade and eighth grade I played the flute and loved it. I wanted to play piccolo but they said you had to play saxophone first and I did not want to. One day I got mad at my band teacher and thought it would be cool to stick my middle finger in my flute and give it to her. Sounded good until I got my middle finger stuck in there! WOW I hope my kids never read this.
I did not play a instrument in high school for two reasons. First, I had dated a guy in the band and did not want to be around him. Second I never learned to read music and knew that in high school I would not be allowed to write in the notes.
In high school I took typing but never learned to do much more than hunt and peck. I can now type without looking and while watching tv. I think some things just need to be practiced.
I have learned to sew in the last year but have not advanced in what I was taught.
So I have a question. What can you do well? What do you wish you would be able to do better? What hobby would you love to have or work on?
I really want to work on my sewing skills and on my cake decorating skills. If I could pick a hobby to do well, it would be singing. I would love to be able to sing without hurting the ears of those around me.
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