Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prayer Request

This morning I come to you and ask for prayers. My friend Melly has a three year old who is in the hospital and has been for a couple of days. They thought it was appendicitis but now they think he got overly dehydrated. Now her 2 year old has a 103 fever and she is not feeling well. She is so tired and has 2 other children who are not showing signs yet. Please pray for them.
My second request is for my friend Linda. I will not begin to explain it all. Her husband may need a liver transplant. He has been sick for a while. My prayer is that there are always test, always trips to the DR and she needs encouragement and strength. My friend Linda cannot drive and this is hard. Please pray for not only her husband but her as she continues to be a wife and mother and homeschool mom. And then she is trying to keep him on a strict diet while maintaining a budget.
My third request is for my husband he has a sleep study tonight and then in 2 weeks has follow up with cardiologist and a pulmo DR. please pray for answers.
Thank you for listening to my heart this morning.


Robin said...

Praying for your requests now.

deborahpucci said...

Keeping everyone in my prayers. ((HUGS))

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