Tuesday, March 22, 2011

True Story Tuesday

Some days a mommy makes a mistake and in my case I have made 2 of them. Okay, maybe a million of them but two major ones. When my son was 2 we lived in Germany. Germany does not have the same safety laws about playground equipment (this is not a fact just something I was told and never researched). So one day we were at McDonald’s playing. They had a little play area. My son could climb up the stairs and then would go down the slide into a ball pit. He must have done this a million times (maybe ten times) before he realized that it would be easier to jump off the slide. Thinking he was a boy and there was no one else around I let him do it. Then he jumped off and instantly screamed. You see instead of a ball pit it was more of a covered floor with only a couple of layers of balls. He took one step and cried. My husband jumped and said he broke his foot. The great mom that I am said “no he is fine”. Again my husband said his foot is broken and I said he is fine. He took another step and collapsed. I instantly picked him up and my husband said it was broken again and off we went to the hospital. Guess what? It was broken. They put a soft cast on it and we headed home. But the story is not over. My son had sensory issues. So from the moment we got into the car until well after midnight, he screamed and cried and used anything he could to get the cast off. Finally after midnight I called our local pediatrician at home. I knew his wife from PWOC. He was not upset and said TAKE IT OFF, and tell him that if he stands on it you will put it back on. So we started to take it off and before it was all the way off he was asleep. For the next three days he crawled around but did not stand. We took him to get his cast on and thought he did okay. That was until they left him alone for a second and he tried to rip it off so they had to put a second one on because as soon as they were done he ripped it off before it could dry. Six weeks later we took him in to have it taken off. We went to our local doctor which was on a very small office. They let someone who has never taken one off take it off. No stress it is not like the thing can cut you RIGHT? So she starts taking it off and he is giggling. But every time she would get near his ankle bone he would scream in pain. We all looked at each other not understanding. The doctor assured us that it could not cut him. So she gets it almost completely off except right by his ankle bone. So she does the final cut on his ankle and BLOOD SHOOTS ACROSS THE ROOM. Apparently he had gotten sand in his cast and it cause a yucky bed sore that ripped open. It was infected and needed stitched. But because it was infected they could not close it up. A week later it was healing. I thought we were almost done with this. That was until I got the call. He had stepped on something at daycare and had a HUGE splinter in his foot. So my husband had to take him back to the DR to get it taken out. Remember child with sensory issues. When I walked in he was strapped down in a white thing that looks like something out of a syco movie. I lost it and demand they stop and I unstrapped him, picked him up and loved him and held him tightly while they got it out. We moved on and he was great.
Please let me explain that the hospital was completely right in there actions, he was going crazy and if that splinter would have moved they would have had to cut it out. My mommy heart was just not okay with it.
If you like this story, stick around because next week I will talk about the time he broke his arm and I said he didn’t.


Lady Old Soul said...

Holy moly!! Poor little guy...I'm glad he's past all that!

Rachel said...

Oh poor kiddo! That sounds like such a painful ordeal! Casts are no fun... don't ask me how I know! ha ha

Thanks for linking up!

michelle said...

oh my....poor boy...and poor mom! visiting from TST...Michelle

Christina said...

Believe me when I say this "you are not alone." I have had a few experiences very similar. Yes as mommies we all make mistakes.

Hope said...

I'm so sorry about all that, what a crazy story!!!! Gotta love boys!!!!

I am a new follower via GFC and a new networked blog follower from the Friendly Friday blog hop and would love a follow back! You have such a beautiful family!!! I can't wait to read more.


Krissy @ Mommy Misc said...

Poor baby :( Things ilke that happen! Every mommy makes a mistake and as long as he is ok, that's all that matters!

Following you from Friendly Friday Follow blog hop. Please visit us and follow back if you can! Thanks so much and have a great day!

Krissy @ Mommy Misc

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