Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thursday 5

It is DELIGHTFUL that our little seedlings are poking through the dirt.
I am so HAPPY that my son and husband have not froze in the mountains.
It is SUPERB that I think I found a homeschool group; it has been a long year without one.
It was GORGEOUS last week, and this week it is nasty and rainy.
I feel LOVED when my husband tells me he can tell I cleaned in the house.


Nicole said...

We need some spring weather that sticks around for more than just a few days!!

Alison said...

hi, from Blog frog, I like your blog, I can't seem to get the banner at the top of mine, had some there, took off, so now nothing there. Your pictures are great. love the colors of your blog.

Christina said...

Good to hear you found a home school group. I'll bet that will be fun and help a lot with being able to do things together and bounce ideas off your heads.

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